Information Tools and Services for Maintenance Operations

ATP partners with many of the world's leading manufacturers to help maintenance operations seamlessly manage all of their maintenance processes on a unified, cloud based SaaS platform. ATP helps thousands of customers worldwide ensure the highest levels of safety, compliance and productivity.

A Legacy of Innovation: ATP’s Early History

ATP was founded in 1973 on the innovative idea of using technology to create a single source content solution to help aircraft maintenance professionals and owner/operators manage the flood of ever-changing technical, operating and regulatory content from a multitude of sources.

Over the next four decades, ATP transformed the way maintenance professionals accessed and managed maintenance content and compliance information—driving the evolution from paper to microfiche to CD-ROM and eventually online with a software as a service (SaaS) solution. Supported by this legacy of innovation, maintenance providers continue to rely on ATP to provide the most up-to-date publications in order to quickly and easily find the information required to keep aircraft safe and airworthy, while also preventing costly regulatory lapses.

Throughout this history ATP cultivated close working relationships with maintenance providers and operators, as well as most of the leading aircraft manufacturers and regulatory agencies worldwide. Positioned at the hub of this unique constellation of collaborative partnerships, the company grew its reputation as the most comprehensive maintenance publication resource.

New Era of Growth: Evolving Through “Smart Content” Services

ATP’s new vision broadens the company’s focus by pursuing new ways of making life easier for maintenance providers through more intelligent content and information management.

By uniquely enabling customers to streamline their maintenance and business operations, ATP provides a tremendous amount of value in terms of productivity, cost savings, speed, and equipment utilizations, as well as improved safety and compliance.

Today, ATP continues to find new ways to create value as the leading provider of information-enabled solutions. As the critical hub connecting key players, ATP’s mission is to expand value by interconnecting data, workflows, and processes in order to help all constituents operate more efficiently and effectively:

The Next Step: Creating Synergistic Value with Integrated Solutions

Looking forward, ATP remains committed to finding new ways of creating value through services, decision-support tools, and data/information.

In addition to developing new solutions internally, the company continues to evaluate potential partnerships and acquisitions that create synergistic value with complementary information solutions. For instance, in 2016 ATP announced the acquisition of CaseBank Technologies, an innovative leader in integrated diagnostic, troubleshooting, and fault detection solutions for many industries including aviation, aerospace, automotive and defense.

To learn more about how ATP is driving the evolution of information solutions maintenance professionals through greater interconnectivity and its unique suite of value-added services,
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