Cloud-Based Maintenance Tracking – Keeps Records Accessible Everywhere

Article Published on: Wed, September 20, 2016

Aircraft stand among the world's most mobile conveyances. Starting their day on the home field, aircraft often end the day far from their base of operations. Occasionally, a routine maintenance requirement or some unplanned event catches a crew far from home.

As mobile as aircraft may be, the same couldn’t always be said for maintenance records, at least records beyond the limited documentation required on board. When the plane and records don't share a location, maintenance needs can suffer, causing expensive delays.

Today's digital technologies allow maintenance tracking and aircraft records to travel as easily as the smartphone in the technician's pocket or the tablet computer on their tool cart.

The key: cloud-based maintenance tracking from ATP, the leader in cloud-based information services for general aviation. Moving maintenance tracking to ATP's cloud also offers more security while reducing overall costs of updating and maintaining aircraft maintenance records.

“With a cloud-based system, all you do is open a Web browser, and you're there,” explained Jeff Seiler, ATP's Director of Product Management. “We send client’s a log-in and password, and the user can be up and running in minutes. We can even help setup aircraft profiles and enter historical information.”

“Once you go to cloud-based systems, everything is managed for you. The software, schedules and content updates are handled by us, saving you time, which translates into saving money.”



For shops using older methods for maintenance tracking, ATP helps clients migrate their data to ATP's cloud-based system. “Most customers make the transition in hours,” Seiler observed.

If a shop still uses a paper-based maintenance-records system, the client ships them to ATP, and they take it from there. “We provide the schedule, and our team of IAs and librarians quickly enter all of the required data to get you started. And, we even train your staff to use the cloud application and keep the information up to date.” Seiler explained.

“Then all they have to do is maintain it on an ongoing basis.”

ATP maintains a deeply redundant system to support its cloud-based services. Said Seiler, “Records aren’t located in one physical location, but rather are stored in the cloud – accessible from anywhere – for business continuity.”

Because of the cloud-based system's redundancy, migrating an operation's maintenance-tracking system to ATP's cloud-based service adds a level of security and safety unavailable from any on-site system, explained David Perkins, ATP's Director of Marketing. “There's business continuity because the data is safe from storms, floods or other local threats.

“And it's easy to add users,” Perkins continued. “Customers can simply give employees a user name and password, and they're ready to start using the account. They control access and can give permission to anyone in their organization, including sales personnel and business managers.” 

Seiler and Perkins both noted that ATP's cloud-based maintenance-tracking service can extend the useful life of a shop's existing computer system. “It's browser-based,” stated Seiler, “so the user need only keep a basic computer up to date.”

Added Perkins, “No more need to spend money updating business applications and servers or going to a dedicated computer where the application has been installed. Customers also spend less time chasing records, tracking down information or finding referenced documentation, because it’s all in one place.” 

Every notebook, tablet and smartphone the shop staff use becomes an access point for ATP's cloud-based maintenance tracking.

Accuracy, consistency and the confidence that comes from knowing how little effort it takes to locate and retrieve a digital maintenance record spills over to the customer. They gain peace of mind when they understand their maintenance provider works with 21st century tools, which are always up-to-date – saving time and money, every day.

ATP's cloud-based tools are as mobile as the aircraft that depend on them and as modern as tomorrow. An ATP customer representative can show how cloud-based maintenance tracking will benefit your operation. You can find your local sales representative here:


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