Critical Aircraft Maintenance Information is Now Everywhere

Article Published on: Wed, November 02, 2016

In the past decade, mobile devices have become an increasingly important part of our lives. For most of us, it’s now hard to even imagine leaving the house without our cell phones – and that usually means a smart phone that gives us an almost unbelievable amount of information wherever we go.

There are a few areas where mobile devices have not fully caught on yet, but that is rapidly changing. And, with the announcement of the ATP Aviation Hub™ Mobile Application, now, even aircraft maintenance professionals can use mobile devices to access mission-critical technical and compliance information anywhere, anytime, on any device.

ATP announced the new mobile application at the NBAA convention in Orlando, Florida. ATP’s customer service representatives are providing demonstrations of the application in ATP’s booth (#825) to show how the new mobile application extends the power of the ATP Aviation Hub Cloud Platform by providing online and offline mobile access to mission-critical maintenance libraries, regulatory libraries, and ATP's industry standard “Profile & Compliance” Tool.

In short, the new application enhances the utility of ATP's cloud-based solution so that any maintenance worker, using any digital tool, can access from virtually anywhere, all of the publications and compliance information required to keep aircraft safe and airworthy.


The mobile application delivers benefits to users of all three major software platforms for mobile devices, adding compatibility for Windows, Android and iOS. This means aircraft maintenance technicians have the freedom to choose any device they prefer, including Windows laptops, Surface tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets and phones.

“The new ATP Aviation Hub mobile application is truly a game changer for maintenance operations,” explained Victor Sanchez, ATP’s Senior Director, Product Management. “Aviation professionals no longer need to worry about whether their technicians have the correct and current information, even when the aircraft is in a remote location where there is no internet access.”

The Aviation Hub Mobile Application also complements the ATP Aviation Hub Cloud Application to cover the spectrum of access tools and information access. “We offer an application no other company can in terms of access to mission critical content,” said Sanchez.


The initial release of the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile Application focuses on serving customers' needs for convenient on-line and off-line access to ATP Maintenance Libraries and the familiar Profile & Compliance tool. ATP Maintenance Libraries let customers save significant time and effort by consolidating and organizing thousands of publications from hundreds of airframe, engine, propeller and component manufacturers, as well as from the world’s leading regulatory agencies.

 “Accessing required content from one source for all the various components on an aircraft and all the aircraft in your fleet saves countless hours and dramatically improves efficiency,” said Jeff Seiler, ATP’s Director of Product Management. “And with the new mobile application, technicians know they have access to this wealth of information wherever they go.”

And, this is only the beginning for ATP’s new mobile application. According to ATP’s CEO, Charles Picasso, the company’s vision is to continue building on its cloud and mobile platforms to provide a wide array of content-enabled “smart” tools designed to support the entire aircraft maintenance process.


While the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile Application allows users to run the application online, it also offers the option to download the content in ATP Libraries and Profile & Compliance to mobile devices for offline access. Additionally, content can be downloaded to external storage media, such as SD cards or USB drives. This content can then be sent to company employees using the mobile application who do not have internet access or need an offline solution.

ATP continues to develop new ways to make the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile Application even more useful. David Perkins, Director of Marketing for ATP, noted, “We are constantly seeking input and feedback from our customers, and we work closely with the industry to create solutions that improve productivity and safety. Over the years, ATP has introduced innovative solutions that have changed aircraft maintenance, and the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile Application is the next evolution in this continuing process.”

To learn more about the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile Application, please visit us at NBAA booth #825, or GO HERE


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