Q&A with Phil D'Eon about New ChronicX® Custom Alerts with Improved Dictionary And Capabilities

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Article Published on: Wed, April 26, 2017

The aviation business is about moving forward, savingtime and improving – particularly on the technologies usedin day-to-day operations.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the tools ATPprovides that help operators improve their maintenance processes. Over the years, ATP has developedmany advances to improve the efficiency of record keeping,document retrieval and, with the ChronicX® Solution, assistmaintenance providers with improved management of unplannedmaintenance events.  Now ATP has raised the bar on thosecapabilities with the release of the latest ChronicXSolution.

In his position as ATP's Senior Vice President ofStrategy, Phil D'Eon guides innovations such asCaseBank’s hybrid reasoning technology while pioneeringnew applications of the technology in both generations ofChronicX. D'Eon brings 48 years of aerospace experienceto his work, including years of hands-on aircraftmaintenance, decades of technology innovations anddevelopments, and nearly 30 years of executive management.He co-founded ATP's CaseBank division and originated itsSpotLight® product concept.

We spoke with D'Eon, to learn more about the upgradesand improvements delivered in the latest version.

Q: ATP just announced a new innovation in the ChronicX®Solution at the MRO Americas show. Can you tell us about thebasics of the ChronicX Solution and what it brings to themaintenance world?

A: D'Eon: ChronicX is a technology that reads thetext in maintenance records to identify related issues andput them together for the user to review in a concentratedform. It's been in use for five years.

Q: Who uses the product and how does it help them?

A: The primary users of ChronicX are operators of largefleets of aircraft. The issue it helps improve is to replacethe mind-numbing work of pouring through maintenance recordslooking for problems that continue in spite of fix attempts,while finding more instances than humans will find – andalso producing fewer of the false alerts typical of otherautomated computer-search technologies.

ChronicX alerts users to repeat problems they may not beaware of because of misapplied ATA codes, long time gapsbetween repeat checks and for having multiple problemswritten up in the same entry.

The solution identifies potential improvements toChronicX dictionary based on user edits to their data, sothat performance is constantly improving. We do that in thebackground as ChronicX is used.

Q: What new does the new ChronicX Solution bring tousers?

A: The latest version adds the capability to monitor andreport on specific incident types customers say they wantidentified when those events occur. The customers define andmanage their own rules for this feature. It leverages theChronicX dictionary and interprets the text flexibly to findmatches for the rules the users define. This new featurewill produce alerts and reports for monitoring specificmaintenance concerns and mandatory incident reporting.

Q: How does ChronicX fit into the vision of ATP?

A: The vision of ATP is to provide tools, information andinsight that optimize aircraft availability, operationalcompliance and aircraft value. The ChronicX Solution is acritical component of that vision in that it helpsmaintenance operations proactively manage and addressrecurring faults, increase uptime, reduce the cost/impact ofwarranties and service level agreements, and improvingaircraft availability.

To learn more or request a demo of the ChronicX Solution,please visit– www.atp.com/chronicx –or call 800-227-4610 from the U.S. and Canada, or (+1)415-330-9500 from anywhere in the world.


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