ATP Announces Custom Alerting in ChronicX® Solution

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Article Published on: Thu, April 25, 2017

New Customer-Driven Innovation Expected to DramaticallyMinimize AOG Risk While Boosting Fleet Health and EquipmentUtilization

ORLANDO — MRO Americas — April 25, 2017 — Aircraft Technical Publishers(ATP) — the aviation industry’s premier provider ofinformation, tools, and services for manufacturers,owner/operators, and maintenance providers — todayannounced Custom Alerting, a new customer-driven innovationin the ChronicX® Solution that enables the automaticdetection and management of chronic and critical defectswith unprecedented accuracy, speed and control. Airlines andMROs deploying the ChronicX Solution with Custom Alerts areexpected to dramatically minimize Aircraft on Ground (AOG)risk while boosting fleet health and equipmentutilization.

The new Custom Alerts tool complements the alreadypowerful capabilities of the ChronicX Solution by enablingusers to set up customized alerts to monitor fleets on anongoing basis for issues of specific interest andautomatically generating user-defined defect reports.  Thisnew product innovation represents a breakthrough inperformance relative to competitive alternatives. CustomAlerts are generated when the powerful text-matchingalgorithms of ChronicX identify defect reports that matchuser-defined rules, which can be created quickly usingbuilt-in rule templates and pick lists drawn from theoperator’s own fleet data. Rules are previewed on existingfleet records, dramatically increasing the speed and qualityof rule creation, making the learning curve brief for evennovice users.

The combination of Custom Alerts and ChronicX uniquelyenables users to manage and monitor fleets for both knownand unknown issues. ChronicX excels in identifying recurringdefects while the Custom Alerts tools enables users tocustomize alerts to automatically monitor specific types ofevents, such as “smoke”, “flap jam”, and “nosewheel shimmy.” With Custom Alerts, airlines and MROs canmore efficiently and effectively perform required tasks suchas Service Difficulty Reporting and monitor the trends ofissues across an entire fleet, among other benefits.

“We developed the Custom Alerts innovation in responseto ChronicX customers who were looking for a better way tomanage the time-intensive and often error-prone process ofsifting through Pireps and Mareps to report on specifictypes of defects,” said Phil D’Eon, Senior VicePresident, Strategy, for ATP. “Customers were frustratedwith relying on conventional methods, and wanted aspecialized tool to streamline and automate the process withgreater control, precision, and speed. This new toolautomatically monitors for issues of concern, and providesalerts and reports when matches are detected.”

Custom Alerting uses the same proprietary text-miningengine and powerful text normalization algorithms thatChronicX uses to intelligently “read” text andunderstand multiple ways of describing similar events. Thistext-matching ability enables airlines and MROs to overcomethe persistent challenge of accurately matching validreports that are described using different terminology,including misspelled words and incorrect ATA coding. Forinstance, ChronicX with Custom Alerts is able to recognizeand match defects that have been described differently as“nose wheel shimmy,” “nose gear vib,” or “NWSshimmy”.

D’Eon continued: “While our Custom Alertsfunctionality is new, ChronicX is a mature solution with aproven track record of transforming raw data into thereal-time actionable intelligence that drives key operatingmetrics. Taken together, ChronicX with Custom Alertsuniquely provide our customers with a powerful and efficientmeans for perpetually monitoring and managing recurringdefects, in addition to the visibility required to optimizefleet health and shrink unscheduled downtime.”

The new Custom Alerts tool is now available at noadditional cost to current subscribers of the ChronicXSolution, which is deployed by both regional airlines andmajor air carriers.

TheChronicX Solution, a product of CaseBank Technologies,Inc., a Division of ATP, evaluatesaircraft defect histories to accuratelyidentify all valid repeats, at both the tail number andfleet-level. This raises the efficiency withwhich maintenance teams recognize and address problemsthat are eluding repair and dragging down fleet reliability.Greatly exceeding simple text mining and ATA code matching,ChronicX uses advanced natural language processing and fuzzylogic to analyze maintenance records (MAREPS) and pilotreports (PIREPS). This process uncovers clusters ofpotential recurring defects and emerging failure modes thathave not yet reached critical status, in order to prioritizethe most critical and costly problems.

The ChronicX® Solution with Custom Alerts makes itsdebut at the MROAmericas Conference, which takes place April 25-27 inOrlando, FL.


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