ATP Aviation Hub

Accessing Vital Information Has Never Been So Simple

The ATP Aviation Hub™ Online Service is a portal offering a wide array of valuable Apps to empower users with functionality applicable to their specific business. Delivered over the World Wide Web using the Software as a Service model, the ATP Aviation Hub combines innovative technology, industry expertise and expedited information access to promote safety and compliance.

ATP Aviation Hub

Benefits of the ATP Aviation Hub

The various Apps offered through the ATP Aviation Hub are all designed to ensure a seamless and consistent user experience. The ATP Aviation Hub is redundantly located in highly secure facilities, readily accessible from any device, anytime, and anywhere.

  • Easy navigation and linking between apps.
  • Eliminates the cost of installing and managing software.
  • Easy to learn user interface.
  • Single integrated solution.
  • AskBob™ community promotes industry awareness and conversations.
  • Protects your content with Digital Rights Management (DRM).

HubConnect™ App for iPad®

The HubConnect™ App provides mobile access to ATP's library subscription content on your iPad® through the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service.
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The Hub Apps

Hub Apps are specific features that can be accessed within the ATP Aviation Hub. Various Hub Apps may be included with your subscription, or may be subscribed to separately depending on the needs of your operation.

Library Subscription Apps — Speed Up Research

Your subscriptions to ATP® Libraries and the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service provide you with a selection of valuable Hub Apps designed to increase productivity and help support your safety and compliance efforts. Library Subscription Hub Apps include the Reference Library App, Profile and Compliance App and the Parts Exchange App.
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ATP Maintenance — Maintenance Tracking and Forecasting

From one aircraft to an entire fleet, ATP Maintenance is the industry's affordable and easy to use solution that is united with your ATP Libraries in the state-of-the-art ATP Aviation Hub Cloud Application.
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PartsConnect™ Inventory App — Simplify Parts Inventory Processes

The PartsConnect™ Inventory Management Hub App simplifies the steps necessary to complete maintenance tasks, and reduces the risk of errors that can occur with disconnected parts systems, by integrating the parts ordering and inventory process with your ATP® Maintenance Library subscriptions in the ATP Aviation Hub™ Online Service.
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ICAP™ Safety and Compliance App — Living Letter of Compliance

The ICAP™ Safety and Compliance Hub App reduces the recurring costs of associating manual content with compliance and conformance checklists. The ICAP App forms a building block of Safety Management Systems (SMS) by promoting the collaborative management of your company's operational documents.
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What Others are Saying

Read the Case Studies to Learn How Companies Like Yours Have Benefited from the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service.

Atlantic Aviation Connects Six Locations with the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service.
"We feel like the ATP Aviation Hub is a much better product for us in that we no longer are required to do the constant updating of libraries. It's all done online for us, which has been a big plus."
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Sierra West Airlines Relies on the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service both On- and Off-Site.
"The big advantage it offers is internet access, which becomes especially important when one of our aircraft gets into an AOG (aircraft on ground) situation, and we have to send a mechanic out to where it is. At the same time, I can save files on compliance windows and update compliance information faster using the Internet service. "
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English Field Aviation Increases Productivity with the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service.
"The accessibility of the web-based documents on the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service was a feature we felt was extremely important, along with the fact that it is also extremely user friendly and easy to learn. And I have every confidence that no matter where I am, or when I need it, the information I am getting is current."
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Forest Protection Limited Realizes a 30% Savings with the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service.
"Along with the system's one-screen convenience, we estimate that by going with the ATP Aviation Hub™ Online Service, we are realizing about a 30 percent savings in CD subscription costs. It really comes down to how fast I can find information about products from multiple vendors."
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Mexico's DGAC Maximizes Inspector Time with the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service.
"Since we began using the ATP Aviation Hub™ Online Service, we estimate that the information search time component of the audit preparation process has been up to 80 percent faster."
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Watch The Video

Watch the Video
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ATP Aviation Hub™ System Requirements

The ATP Aviation Hub online service is a fully online, always up to date, Software as a Service solution that resides outside your network, requiring no special hardware, software or personnel resources to manage. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 running the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Adobe Reader 9 or newer is required to view PDF content. A broadband Internet connection is recommended for fast content access.


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