Document Management Support

ATP® Document Services are intended to lead air carriers through the adoption of common, commercially available tools complemented by the ICAP℠ Compliance and Safety App to achieve rapid, reliable results.

Air carriers have experienced significant benefits using the ICAP App. And, ATP has made significant progress in the development of ICAP to complement the air carrier's document change management processes. The ICAP App significantly enhances the air carrier's ability to respond to regulatory oversight and compliance changes with the introduction of the "Draft Manual Analysis" feature (DMA).

Air carriers require support for the entire change management cycle from creation to storage for operating manuals, checklists, aircraft manuals, and related documents and orders from external sources. ICAP's DMA feature allows stakeholders in compliance and publishing areas visibility in the effects of changed content to compliance standards. DMA enables improved content management workflows, provides automatic alerting for proposed changes in draft manuals, and improves collaboration in the manuals review process.

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