Aircraft Centricity™ Service

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A breakthrough for finding all the critical information for a specific aircraft

The Aircraft Centricity™ Service in the ATP Aviation Hub™ cloud application provides a new way for aircraft maintenance professionals to find all critical maintenance information by searching on a specific aircraft in a single search.

Aircraft centricity allows aircraft professionals to save time, become more productive and improve compliance and safety by assuring comprehensive information in one step.

Using the Aircraft Centricity features, maintenance professionals can do a single search by aircraft registration number (tail number), or by ATP Aviation Hub profile, and quickly find reference content and maintenance information available in their ATP subscriptions and related to the specific aircraft. New search features include text-based search, the ability to easily view the latest content additions in the ATP Library, and to easily access the same information over multiple sessions. The Aircraft Centricity service allows aircraft professionals to save time, become more productive and improve compliance and safety.

Value of the Aircraft Centricity™ Service

  • Productivity: Reduce the time-consuming process of finding all relevant information for an aircraft and its components. Maintenance professionals save time and gain productivity by gathering the most current and comprehensive reference content, maintenance and airworthiness tracking and forecasting in one streamlined, easy step. Maintenance professionals work faster, leading to higher utilization rates and less time on the ground for owner/operators.
  • Increase Confidence in Accuracy: Maintenance professionals gain assurance that they are getting all current manufacturer and regulatory information for the aircraft in one search. With the ability to access all the correct documentation, without multiple searches or sources needed, errors are minimized, supporting the safety efforts of the maintenance operation.
  • Improve Compliance: By making sure that all documentation is delivered in one search, maintenance professionals can quickly and easily assure compliance with manufacturer and regulatory requirements, helping to avoid incidents or costly fines.
  • Asset Value Protection: Aircraft Centricity supports maintenance professionals to help ensure all maintenance is performed correctly.

Key Features of the Aircraft Centricity Service

Using the features of the Aircraft Centricity service, maintenance professionals can quickly find manufacturer service documentation, service bulletins, airworthiness directives, regulatory information, and compliance tracking history for a specific aircraft from a single search.

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  • Profile Search – Profiles of the "as-maintained" configuration of the aircraft can be quickly built and used to search for all related maintenance information and reference content.
  • FAA Aircraft Registration Search – enter the FAA registration number (tail number) to quickly find all maintenance information and reference content related to the "as-built" configuration of the aircraft including airframe and engine manufacturer and model.
  • Recent Content – display the list of recently changed publications for your library. If a profile (or other filter settings are active), only the updated publications matching the profile appear.
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  • Text Search and Filter – After selecting a manufacturer and model, you can quickly locate the information you need by using a text search and then further filter the results as desired. Documents with matching text are sorted by relevance – the more matches, the higher it will appear on the list.

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