ATP® Maintenance Tracking

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Maintenance Tracking and Forecasting Fully Integrated with ATP Libraries

ATP® Maintenance Tracking is the industry's affordable and easy to use maintenance tracking and forecasting service that is united with ATP Libraries and ATP Parts in the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application.

Starting as low as $25* per month on an annual subscription.

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The Value of ATP Maintenance Tracking

ATP Maintenance Tracking coordinates with your ATP Libraries to build a comprehensive list of Airworthiness Directives (ADs), Service Bulletins (SBs) and maintenance events for tracking and forecasting required maintenance.

  • Improve compliance and safety by forecasting scheduled maintenance and creating a comprehensive due list for all aircraft components using current aircraft times.

  • Reduce risk by linking maintenance activities to the precise instructions and regulations in your ATP Libraries.
  • Improve productivity with intuitive workflows and modern interface employing advanced usability principles developed by top Silicon Valley professionals.

Built on ATP's expertise and continuous technology advancement, ATP Maintenance Tracking is the powerful, yet affordable, solution that simplifies maintenance and improves productivity.

Enrollment Services

A dedicated expert analyst works with your team to setup aircraft profiles and enter maintenance and compliance information. The steps we take include:

  • Review your current aircraft maintenance data
  • Enter your current data into the ATP Maintenance Tracking system
  • Generate your aircraft maintenance due list
  • Validate the due list to assure accuracy
  • Train your employees

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ATP Mainenance Tracking Helps Grow Your Business and Increase Your Bottom Line

Features of ATP Maintenance Tracking

Fleet View

The Fleet Dashboard gives you the status of your fleet at a glance.

  • Calculate maintenance tasks based on current flight times
  • Track compliance with ADs and SBs in your ATP Libraries
  • Advanced filters let you choose what information is visible
  • Set permissions to control who can access each aircraft
Due List

Due Lists calculate maintenance tasks to be completed now, and in the future, based on current flight times

  • Filter due limits and events by time, cycles, landings or other values
  • List all events by ATA code
  • View the most urgent events across the whole aircraft
Profile View

Aircraft Profiles include airframe, engine, propeller, and components

  • Quickly build a complete profile of all components on the aircraft and track start times for each component
  • Track parts added or removed for each component
  • Track current times for each component with option to update components with latest flight times
  • Track warranty information for each part
  • Track location of components on the aircraft

Support for FAA and EASA Specifications

Support for FAA Required Item Inspection (RII) program specifications gives you the ability to assign tasks and allows digital sign-off of tasks by both technicians and inspectors. Automatic email notifications keep you current with the status of maintenance tasks. Additionally, managers have the ability to limit access to functionality and information to ensure that users only see what they need to complete their tasks.

ATP Maintenance also supports the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirements for Continued Airworthiness Maintenance Organizations (CAMO).

A Key Component of ATP Information Services

aviation hub

ATP information services let you research, prepare and execute maintenance activities in the most efficient manner.

ATP Maintenance Tracking works in conjunction with ATP Libraries in the ATP Aviation Hub cloud application for precise maintenance event information. Learn More »

Combined with ATP Parts Inventory, the history and compliance is maintained throughout the entire lifecycle of each part. Learn More »

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*Prices vary depending on aircraft type. Price shown is based on the ATP Maintenance Tracking annual renewal subscription rate for a piston aircraft, and does not include the required ATP Libraries subscription with the ATP Aviation Hub Cloud Application. Full annual subscription price is billed at the start of the subscription period.


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