ATP® Aviation Maintenance
Research Education Program (AMREP)

The research skills students need to learn are evolving. This evolution is driven by new technologies in aviation maintenance information processes and new requirements for regulatory and safety management systems. The technology, publications, and regulatory content provided by the ATP® Aviation Maintenance Research Education Program (AMREP) will help your students prepare for their future in the aviation industry.

ATP Curriculum Adoptions

We share your commitment to your students' growth and achievement in aviation maintenance. And, we recognize that your effectiveness in the classroom is fundamental to their success. When you adopt the ATP research education program, we offer tools and support that ensure successful implementation. The Aviation Maintenance Research Education Program from ATP includes both educator/school resources and student resources. The educator/school resources can be used by the school for both training and aircraft maintenance needs.

Free Curriculum Evaluation Materials

When you adopt the ATP AMREP as a standard in your school, you help prepare your students for success. For more information, download your free information kit today.

info kit

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