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ATP is a global information services and software solutions company focused on making aviation safer and more reliable. For nearly 50 years, we have built a reputation for innovation, reliability, and quality across 137 countries — helping more than 75,000 maintenance professionals managing +140,000 aircraft daily. Discover our Aircraft Technical Publication and Maintenance Software today!

Technical Publications
and Regulatory Content

The single source for technical, regulatory, and compliance publications from aviation OEMs and regulatory bodies. Offering the most up to date information in one consistent workflow, saving time and ensuring compliance.

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Maintenance, Inventory and Operations

Enabling customers to track scheduled maintenance, manage inventory, and enhance flight operations — providing a system of record for maintenance activity in promoting safety and overall aircraft resale value.

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Defect Identification
and Analysis

Identifying recurring defects across both individual aircraft and fleets, ChronicX is used by 25% of the world’s commercial airlines. It aims to provide faster, more accurate detection of issues, resulting in improved fleet health.

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Provides fault isolation and troubleshooting support through a diagnostic reasoning engine, which utilizes a sophisticated query tool and database. The global leader in advanced troubleshooting to deliver a first-time fix.

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