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These ATP partners have integrated their software with the ATP Aviation Hub, which allows them to offer the convenience of ‘one-click’ access to your ATP libraries. They can also offer seamless data migration services for your aircraft to their aircraft maintenance tracking solutions.



ASA – Airline Software Applications ApS, a Danish company, provides the Aircraft Industry MRO affordable Simplified Aircraft Maintenance (SAM) - enabling CAMOs and MROs to certify, maintain and service aircrafts and components easily. SAM consists of modules which meet the needs of small and medium aircraft operators and component servicing facilities. ASA offers both an easily implemented hosted cloud solution and a locally installed solution. The SAM license price structure is influenced only by the required modules and concurrent users. For more information, please contact:

Henrik Wendelboe, CSO
Airline Software Applications ApS
Corp.: +45 7444 9095 | Cell: +45 53600179
[email protected]


AIS - Aviation InterTec Services provides highly integrated workflow-oriented maintenance, inventory, and expense management software solutions for fleet operators – including small or large fleet, rotary or fixed-wing, FAA Part 121 or Part 135, and EASA Part M or Part-NCC/NCO.  Ease of use, paired with function automation and records management services, means the RAAS suite of products create value for operators, both large or small. For more information, please contact:

Eric Hansen, Director of Operations
Aviation InterTec Services Inc.
+1 (807) 625-9260 x228
[email protected]


FlightDocs - Flightdocs Enterprise™ software brings you maintenance tracking like no other solution. Streamline workflows, increase efficiency and gain real-time insights whether it is a single aircraft or a fleet with multiple bases. Flightdocs’ eSignature and electronic logbooks were designed to meet a variety of regulatory requirements and can take your flight department from cumbersome and redundant to streamlined and efficient.

Cole Earnest, Business Development Representative
+1 (239) 676-6579
[email protected]