The American Airlines keynote presentation at the Aircraft Commerce & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference introduced a case study on how they mine valuable information from log pages using the ChronicX® solution, which gained attention and has been published in the July/August 2018 issue of the Aircraft IT MRO e-journal.

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The Case of American Airlines

American Airlines manages many different fleet types that generate large amounts of data. From their merger with US Airways, their Maintenance Operations Control (MOC) inherited two legacy-based systems for identifying repeat issues. Having two different sources and managing two systems and processes could prolong the workload and create the potential for missed alerts and inaccurate results. In this case study, American Airlines talks about the challenges facing their MOC, and how their discussions, in search for a solution, with industry peers and their One World Partners, led them to ATP and to the discovery of the ChronicX solution.

Following an initial demo, and in partnership with ATP, MOC conducted the trial on the Boeing 777s, 787s and the Airbus A330 to assess if ChronicX had the tools they needed for the new and combined American Airlines’ Tech Ops.

The American Airlines keynote presentationHow American Airlines Leverages ChronicX

In this case study, American Airlines shares their experience using the key functions of ChronicX and its many capabilities. It indicates that the ChronicX screen layout provides them with ‘one-stop-shopping’, one area, and one platform to identify, manage, and validate the corrective actions for repeat issues. They find the application very customizable, meeting users’ workflow needs, and not imposing preconceived notions on how individuals should manage their data. Its graphical tools make critical information readily available and do a great job with text analytics – it can identify repetitive issues with mixed ATAs as well as clustered keywords, phrases, locations and groups.

Overall, the American Airlines presentation reveals that with ChronicX they can improve results in terms of accuracy, efficiency and time; gain on insight and awareness; and produce standardized reporting, as opposed to the ‘ad hoc’ reporting that had previously been accomplished.

Click here to read the American Airlines Case Study with ChronicX

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