Partnership Covers Aviation Business for the United States Government Across Four Armed Services – Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA – November 28, 2018 – ATP Software Solutions, the leading provider of troubleshooting, reliability and defect trend analysis solutions, –today announced that it has entered into a 5-year exclusive partnership with Corsair Technical Services – a defense services company experienced in training, aviation maintenance, logistics, engineering, business capture and proposal services – to provide sales, database development and product support for new and follow-on military aviation business for the United States Department of Defense.

With this agreement, Corsair Technical Services will provide the specialized skills and experience needed to engage directly with the U.S. Government Department of Defense. Additionally, this partnership will provide the assistance needed to access aviation data and build the databases required to supply ATP Software Solutions’ SpotLight® Interactive Troubleshooting Service and ChronicX® Recurring Defect Management Service to the U.S. Military.

ATP Software Solutions began working with Corsair Technical Services in 2008 as a working partner for U.S. DoD aviation projects. Recent expansion of these programs has justified the creation of a binding and formal teaming agreement, which was signed in October 2018. The scope of the agreement covers U.S. Government aviation across all four U.S. Military services – Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, on and exclusive basis for a period of five years.

“We are very pleased to be working with Corsair on these opportunities,” said Rick Noble, CEO at ATP. “Corsair has the necessary credentials, relationships and expertise to process restricted data, and they have committed to building a development team and capabilities to analyze, review, modify and author source data for SpotLight® and ChronicX database services.”

ATP Software Solutions will maintain the software, provide training, authoring and technical assistance to the Corsair team of developers. Corsair will establish a U.S. based Database Development capability, as well as a ChronicX database on-boarding group in U.S. In addition to that, ATP Software Solutions and Corsair will jointly market to the United States Department of Defense. The Corsair team will be based in the U.S. and staffed by U.S. personnel with the appropriate clearances needed to manage these projects.

SpotLight and ChronicX services increase efficiency, reliability and first-time-fix rates, boosting availability of modern military equipment and promoting fleet readiness. SpotLight delivers global field experience to every technician during the troubleshooting process. It pinpoints post-production faults, reduces dramatically troubleshooting time and “No-Fault-Found” instances.

ChronicX provides fleet managers with the operational intelligence needed to recognize and manage recurring defects, whether on a single aircraft or an entire fleet of mixed aircraft types.