ATP is proud to announce that we have moved the company’s global headquarters to a new location. Our new headquarters is still based in Brisbane, California, about halfway between SFO Airport and Downtown San Francisco. However, this new, modern location better meets ATP’s needs as we continue supporting our customers and the industry.

The design team for our new headquarters has created a modern working environment. ATP’s core values have been integrated into the office design. Our core values include: Customer First, Find the Gap, Value What Makes Us Different, Always Seek Better, and Work With Pride. These are important principles that motivate our employees every day. ATP’s tagline, “Knowledge Fuels Safety,” will also be a central theme in the new office to remind everyone of our dedication and focus to services that support the safety efforts of the aviation industry.

The old Brisbane office held a lot of memories and milestones for both the company and the industry. This is where ATP created and introduced many services that transformed information management for aircraft maintenance.

black and white photograph of old buildingATP moved into the old Brisbane location in December 1982. At that time, there was a desperate need for more space to accommodate all the equipment required for microfiche production. An area was also dedicated to a large IBM mainframe computer that was used for cataloging and managing the vast amounts of data required to support thousands of aircraft models. With two buildings covering 19,000 square feet, this was an ideal location for all of that technology.

About 10 years later, an entire section of one building was dedicated to CD and DVD production. There was also a large mail center for handling the revision mailings that were sent to thousands of maintenance professionals worldwide every two weeks.

Today, microfiche has gone the way of the typewriter, and CDs have also become obsolete for managing aircraft data. With all that machinery gone, ATP no longer needs such a large office space. Everything is now in the “cloud,” and ATP has continued to lead the industry evolution toward solutions that make maintenance research and information management easier and faster.

casebank building in TexasAdditionally, ATP has become a global company with offices in Austin, Texas; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; and many countries worldwide.

The Austin office has become the company’s new technology center, focused on researching and building the technology and services that will propel aviation maintenance information management for the next 45 years.

The Mississauga, Canada office is home to CaseBank Technologies, which was acquired by ATP in 2016. CaseBank provides troubleshooting, reliability and recurring defect management solutions that empower engineering and service teams to accelerate equipment repair, increase uptime and reduce costs.

We moved to the new Brisbane, California Headquarters on December 1, 2017. Please update your records with our new address.

We can’t wait to show you our new home.

2000 Sierra Point Parkway, Suite 501
Brisbane, California 94005

Our phone numbers, email addresses, and website all remain the same. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer support team.

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ATP is the leading provider of maintenance tracking, flight operations, inventory management, repetitive defect analysis, and troubleshooting software. The company’s applications help reduce operating costs, improve aircraft reliability, and supports technical knowledge sharing and collaboration within the business aviation, military/defense, commercial aviation, and OEM industries.

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