Industry event recognizes ATP’s contributions over the past four decades and the company’s continued focus on solutions that increase productivity and support compliance and safety.

Brisbane, California – October 11, 2018 – ATP — the premier provider of information tools and services for the aviation industry — is celebrating 45 years of innovation and support for the business aviation at a special event to be held during the 2018 NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. The event will be held in ATP’s booth (#4419) from 4-6 PM on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

ATP was founded in 1973 on the innovative idea of using technology to create a single-source service for aviation technical and regulatory information. ATP’s technologies have since helped shape the way maintenance professionals access and use technical information and can be found in most general and business aviation maintenance operations worldwide

Throughout its history, ATP has cultivated close working relationships with customers, regulators and OEM partners to innovate new technologies for accessing and managing mission critical information. These technologies included the first digital library management services for general aviation in the 1980s, and one of the industry’s first compliance tracking technologies in the 1990s. Within a short time, maintenance professionals could access the world’s largest digital repository of aviation technical and regulatory information from ATP.

In the 2000s ATP released the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud and Mobile Applications, which provide a single point of access for regulatory and technical information, and aircraft profile and compliance tracking that is accessible anytime, anywhere over the internet. In 2017, the company introduced Aircraft Centric Search™, which allows maintenance professionals to create a profile of all components on an aircraft and then search technical, regulatory and maintenance information based on that profile.

In addition to developing new technologies, the company continues to evaluate potential partnerships and acquisitions that create synergistic value. In 2016 ATP announced the acquisition of CaseBank Technologies, Inc., an innovative leader in integrated diagnostic and troubleshooting solutions for fault isolation and defect trend analysis, for the aviation, aerospace, defense and automotive industries.

Today, ATP delivers over 5 terabytes of updated information every month to a growing base of over 6,000 customers in 96 countries. And, the company continues to find new ways to create value as the leading provider of information-enabled solutions. As the critical hub connecting key players, ATP’s mission is to expand value by interconnecting data, workflows, and processes to support the safety efforts of the industry and help all constituents operate more efficiently and effectively.

About ATP

ATP is a trusted partner of aviation manufacturers, operators and maintenance providers focused on maximizing the value of aircraft and aviation operations by providing a suite of reference content, airworthiness, diagnostics and reliability services that optimize aircraft availability and operational compliance. Through our 45 years of experience in the aviation industry we have developed expertise in managing and analyzing content for maintenance, operations, and compliance. We add value through smarter reference content and diagnostics, integrating that information into decision support tools to drive improved decision making and productivity, and advisory services to deliver efficient operations.

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