ATP, deploys SpotLight® advanced troubleshooting system, on the CRJ regional jets and Q Series turboprops (ADS Plus), and on the C Series aircraft (eFIM).

Bombardier ADS Plus Simplifies User Experience

In recent months, Bombardier’s Technical Publications team has identified user interface functions and usability improvements to simplify the user experience within these applications. In June 2017, an improved user interface for session navigation was introduced and is available to all users.

Operators of CRJ and Q Series aircraft – including those operating the world’s most modern turboprop (the Q400) — receive access to ADS Plus, through Bombardier’s Customer Portal ( Bombardier’s ADS Plus enables users to work collaboratively with the Technical Help Desk during troubleshooting and creates the opportunity to populate seamlessly many of the current Maintenance and Engineering systems in the background.

The state-of-the-art C Series aircraft excels in design both inside and out, featuring excellent aerodynamics, the newest materials and cutting-edge avionics — a great example of innovative engineering that delivers reduced fuel burn, noise, and emissions. Its integrated electronic fault isolation manual (eFIM) system is the world’s first example of an interactive guided diagnostic system built exclusively from S1000D data modules. It provides guided troubleshooting sessions for the entire aircraft, including airframe, engines and avionics, and allows technicians to quickly and accurately determine the cause of problems, even those that result from cross-system effects.

How ATP Collaborated With Bombardier

Bombardier’s eFIM system was built collaboratively by ATP to meet Bombardier’s specific requirements to support the resolution of technical issues and completely replace conventional troubleshooting manuals with an interactive diagnostic software application. The eFIM system is an integral part of the support infrastructure for the C Series aircraft and is available to all licensed aircraft technicians at operators’ facilities. Delivered through Bombardier’s portal, the eFIM system is fully integrated with Bombardier’s Navigator IETP — the suite of Interactive Electronic Technical Publications for the C Series aircraft.

The main goal for Bombardier’s Technical Publications team with these user interface functions and usage improvements is to simplify the use of eFIM and ADS Plus and allow users to explore the tool without necessarily creating a troubleshooting session.

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