The Government’s participation in the F-35 program has provided CaseBank Technologies and other Canadian aerospace companies with opportunities that were only available to countries participating in the program.  The F-35 program has created new, long term high technology employment in Canada’s aerospace industry, and Canadian industry has achieved global recognition for its participation and achievements on the program to date.  The program is currently expected to produce 53,000 person years of employment in Canada over 30 years – well over 2600 jobs at peak production.  This is a direct result of Canada’s participation on the program.

The F-35 program has delivered economic benefits to Canada in a difficult economic period.  The current work, and future opportunities, will be in jeopardy of being lost to other countries that purchase the F-35 if Canada doesn’t.  Current and future jobs will be lost to countries that buy the F-35.

About The Canadian JSF Industrial Group (CJIG)

The CJIG represents companies from coast to coast employing thousands of Canadians in the aerospace industry. It was formed to support a fact based environment in which an understanding of Canadian industrial involvement on the F-35 program could be achieved through objective assessment.

About CaseBank Technologies Inc.

CaseBank Technologies, Inc. is a Mississauga, Ontario company that was selected by Lockheed Martin to supply software and services for the JSF program. CaseBank is a key provider of diagnostic technology for the F-35’s Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS).  CaseBank has been providing its flagship SpotLight® commercial, off-the-shelf software product, together with maintenance and support, to the JSF program continuously since 2007.  CaseBank’s participation in JSF has created significant export revenue and long-term skilled employment, which is 100% Canadian in nature.

CaseBank is a member of the Canadian JSF Industry Group (CJIG) and, like the rest of the CJIG members, our 60 highly-skilled full and part-time employees will be adversely affected if the Canadian Government should decide not to procure the F-35 JSF for the next-generation Canadian Fighter program.