CaseBank Technologies Inc. today announced that its flagship SpotLight® troubleshooting system will be used for the new Gulfstream G500 and G600 long-range business jets. SpotLight is an integral part of Gulfstream’s, the business-jet manufacturer’s maintenance tracking program. For the new aircraft, SpotLight will replace conventional troubleshooting manuals with an intelligent diagnostic software application.

Delivered via MyCMP diagnostics, the G500/G600 SpotLight diagnostic database will be the world’s first example of a federated diagnostic system, meaning troubleshooting sessions can automatically traverse from aircraft to engine databases and back, allowing technicians to quickly and accurately determine the cause of problems that often demonstrate cross-system effects.

The G500/G600 diagnostic database is based on S1000D content and is capable of fully compliant S1000D export for publications. In addition to the G500/G600 aircraft, SpotLight is also deployed on the GulfstreamG650/G650ER and G550.