Going beyond faster repairs to integrate product design with field service

CaseBank Technologies Inc. (www.casebank.com), the leading provider of software solutions for equipment fault isolation and defect trend analysis, today announced a new corporate vision that brings engineering and field service organizations closer together through CaseBank’s advanced troubleshooting tools. Using CaseBank’s suite of products manufacturers can exploit more and better feedback from the field—information that can’t be captured with fault isolation manuals (FIM) and troubleshooting guides (TSG)—to improve equipment uptime, reliability and performance.

CaseBank’s tools allow field technicians and call centers to quickly troubleshoot complex equipment problems reducing the cost of non-routine maintenance events by streamlining decisions, differentiating between similar but unrelated problems, and reducing unscheduled parts removals. CaseBank’s tools allow reliability and design engineers to gather troubleshooting experience of global equipment fleets, providing trend analysis to identify repeat defects, poor performance and emerging failure modes.

“CaseBank’s strategic vision for equipment manufacturers has expanded beyond product support to put field experience at the heart of product design—aimed at guaranteeing customer expectations by minimizing defects per unit (DPU) and maximizing performance,” said Tony O’Hara, CEO of CaseBank. “With insights that come only from CaseBank’s solutions engineers will see better and faster results from their corrective action/ preventive action (CAPA) initiatives, as they redesign or eliminate problematic parts and systems.”

New versions of CaseBank’s products are being introduced to ensure a fast, seamless user experience whether working online, offline or from a mobile device including remote collaboration. CaseBank is also introducing multiple licensing and implementation models to support a wide variety of IT environments and budgets. To advance and explain how field experience can improve the performance of OEMs and operators CaseBank has rolled out a new website that will be frequently updated to share best-practices for embedding troubleshooting feedback into equipment design, service and support collaboration.

CaseBank is continuing to grow and expand its business around the world, emphasizing its deep heritage in aviation and defense even as it moves into new industries that share similar problems such as heavy equipment, transit, semiconductors and medical equipment. A key component of this expansion is establishing strategic relationships with some of the largest technology providers and system integrators (PLM, ERP, CMS, SLM, etc.) to provide customers with a complete solution that delivers a strategic advantage.