CaseBank Technologies, a leading provider of interactive, guided diagnostic solutions that improve first-time success rates of unscheduled equipment repairs, today announced that President and CTO Phil D’Eon will present at the upcoming PlanetPTC Live 2012 Conference, on June 4, 2012.

The session-“Build and Deliver Intelligent, Interactive Troubleshooting Guidance” – will focus on how organizations can collect troubleshooting information from field operations and repurpose it to yield benefits for key areas within Product Lifecycle Management including Technical Information System Providers, Equipment Engineers and Designers, OEM Parts Managers and Help Desks.

“I am very excited to be presenting at PlanetPTC Live,” commented D’Eon. “It is a fantastic opportunity to really highlight the critical connection between real-world troubleshooting knowledge, and both content generation and delivery. Simply stated, CaseBank has developed a very unique approach that starts with troubleshooting and ends with dispersing numerous benefits across an entire organization.”

A technology visionary with over 35 years of experience in aerospace, engineering and technology, D’Eon, a co-founder of CaseBank Technologies, is responsible for guiding the innovation of CaseBank’s hybrid reasoning technology and pioneering new applications of its leading-edge solutions. Having been responsible at one time or another for troubleshooting almost every system found on an aircraft-from engines to avionics and autopilots-Phil’s experiences and observations enable him to provide invaluable insights into the role human experts play in troubleshooting increasingly complex, highly automated equipment,  in a world where time pressure and economic performance expectations are also increasing.