New Changes to Interactive Troubleshooting Solution Highlight Collaborative Relationships With Aerospace Manufacturers


CaseBank Technologies, Inc. — a Division of ATP and the leading provider of integrated diagnostic and troubleshooting software solutions — today announced product enhancements to its SpotLight® interactive troubleshooting solution for complex equipment. The new changes enable aircraft manufacturers and their key suppliers to automatically, and in real time, capture critical feedback from thousands of technicians around the world. The insights gained from their collective troubleshooting experience drives improved reliability, performance and safety, among other benefits.

A series of product enhancements to the company’s industry leading SpotLight interactive troubleshooting solution are designed to capture a more granular level of feedback from technicians during the troubleshooting process. The cumulative improvement of the additional data captured is substantial when cycled into the SpotLight analytic engine.

Users will notice improvements to the user interface and workflows. For instance, the new “part on/part off” tracking enables improved analysis of frequently replaced parts and the identification of potential “rogue” parts based on the symptoms they cause when installed. In addition, the enhancements also enable users to track technicians’ troubleshooting and repair time for reporting and analysis leading to optimized diagnostic strategies.

The enhancements to SpotLight highlight CaseBank’s close collaborative relationships with customers to drive continuous improvement and innovation. Several enhancements were inspired by feedback from customers such as Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney Canada, and Gulfstream.  Other customers, including airlines, also provided feedback during the development process.

“We always work closely with our customers to gain critical feedback that we use to constantly refine our solutions,” said Phil D’Eon, Senior Vice President of Strategy for ATP. “We’re now able to capture even richer data to help our customers gain a more sophisticated understanding of their design and diagnostic processes. That translates into a host of benefits, from improving equipment design and reliability to boosting key metrics such as mean time to repair and first-time-fix rates.”

The SpotLight guided diagnostic solution from CaseBank helps customers to quickly pinpoint the cause of complex equipment and system problems by combining a diagnostic reasoning engine with a diagnostic database that integrates lessons learned from the field with engineering information.

The innovative solution uniquely enables customers to optimize the troubleshooting process with unprecedented speed and accuracy, among many other benefits, including delivering critical insights into emerging failure modes and trends.

The SpotLight solution also enables all service and support personnel to consistently perform on par with knowledgeable experts. Benefits include: shrinking diagnostic time by 30-60% and product & service lifecycle costs by up to 10%; improving key metrics, from mean time to repair (MTTR) to first-time-fix (FTF) to unscheduled removal (URR) rates; consolidating valuable field experience and best practices to drive improved design, safety, and internal collaboration; and boosting reliability and minimizing AOG to support customer satisfaction.