Recently, ATP participated in the Farnborough International Airshow 2018, and exhibited at the Ontario booth in the Canadian Pavilion alongside an impressive array of both OEMs, services and support Canadian aerospace suppliers – the perfect backdrop to showcase for the first time our ChronicX® solution for the military.

The Benefits of ATP’s Chronicx

The ChronicX® solution dramatically improves mission readiness by reducing repeat faults and is widely used by fleet managers to accurately identify and manage aircraft recurring defects. It improves fleet safety records, provides effective early warning, helps management to focus on problem areas, and identifies potential training gaps and resource deficiencies. The ChronicX solution is already fielded to several major airlines with consistently impressive results: Three of the top four largest US operators, as well as a host of international carriers, are all users of the ChronicX® solution. The service is compatible with any fleet of aircraft, whether military, commercial or even aviation OEM “virtual fleets” that are under warranty programs.

Farnborough Ontario Booth Military Aviation

A Rewarding Experience at Farnborough

The Farnborough event provides a truly global offering, with more than 1500 exhibitors from 52 countries, and one significant and the widely discussed topic was Brexit. Many exhibitors expressed their concern as it has the potential to disrupt the aviation industry, not only in the UK and EU but across the globe. Other topics that sparked interesting discussions included: challenges related to pilot and mechanic shortages, airline disruption trends, “big data” and the efforts to corral disparate data sources into something meaningful and beneficial to airlines, government, and private sectors.

Many exhibitors at the conference took the opportunity to introduce their innovative urban and personal aircraft. One that gained attention was the concept aircraft unveiled at Farnborough by Aston Martin.

Overall, attending and exhibiting at Farnborough proved to be a rewarding experience. Tim Taylor, ATP Vice President, Business Development, enjoyed the opportunity to meet with several customers, partners, prospective clients and make new connections – all of them expressed a very positive business outlook. Tim also visited and discussed capabilities with many major OEM’s, where our ChronicX® and SpotLight® solutions continued to gain national and international interest.

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ATP is the leading provider of maintenance tracking, flight operations, inventory management, repetitive defect analysis, and troubleshooting software. The company’s applications help reduce operating costs, improve aircraft reliability, and supports technical knowledge sharing and collaboration within the business aviation, military/defense, commercial aviation, and OEM industries.

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