less time sitting.
more time flying.

ChronicX helps airlines and MROs improve the health of their fleets. Providing an innovative approach for detecting and managing recurring defects, the ChronicX solution identifies, consolidates, and ranks recurring and potential chronic defects across aircraft fleets, regardless of the aircraft.

Currently in use on 25% of the world’s commercial airline fleet, the ChronicX solution uncovers hidden trends such as recurring and previously undetected defects, at both the tail number and fleet-level. It even detects emerging failure modes that have the potential but have yet to reach critical status. Additionally, custom alerts enable maintenance specialists and reliability engineers to respond to alerts with greater speed and accuracy.

Improved Accuracy

ChronicX can find more valid recurring defects in your maintenance data by using a proprietary text-mining engine and machine learning. It improves the quality and accuracy of overall data by up to 80%, and reveals the hidden defects often missed by traditional analysis.

Real-Time Insights

Maintenance teams can determine the frequency in which they would like new chronic defects to be presented, even hourly if needed.  With real-time insights, technicians are prepared to complete a fix during the turn of an aircraft, avoiding costly delays.

Faster Detection

ChronicX saves you time and money through faster detection of valid recurring defects. Using sophisticated computer algorithms, ChronicX aircraft diagnostic maintenance solution can help you identify these issues in minutes, as opposed to hours or days.

Do More with Your Data

Maintenance teams can gain more insights from data when troubleshooting, with a suite of intuitive dashboards and reporting tools designed to bring them greater clarity into the true performance and safety of an aircraft.

Improved Fleet Health

ChronicX quickly and accurately identifies recurring or chronic defects regardless of the aircraft, providing valuable insights into fleet-wide health. It includes management tools to help lower unscheduled part-removal rates by up to 20%.

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Key Features

ChronicX is a powerful analytics tool that greatly enhances performance by improving the accuracy and speed by which defects, and repetitive issues are detected. Further, it supports existing daily processes by saving time, enhancing workflows, and improving overall fleet health and reliability.

less time sitting.
more time flying.