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Aircraft maintenance technicians spend a great deal of time diagnosing equipment problems; however, the complexity of aircraft systems may prevent them from isolating the root cause of a defect. Furthermore, the way a defect is described may lead the technician in the wrong direction or miss valuable insights from similar or previous defect reports. Additionally, capturing tribal field knowledge in the troubleshooting of aircraft is becoming increasingly more difficult, as highly skilled and experienced maintenance professionals retire or leave.

Considering the high cost of aircraft downtime and the negative effect on customer satisfaction, airlines are under significant pressure to recognize and resolve recurring defects, improve troubleshooting, and achieve a first time-fix. Powered by ChronicX® and SpotLight, ATP Software Solutions offers a full suite of applications to help airlines reduce costs from more accurate aircraft repairs, achieve a higher uptime, and fewer delays or cancellations.

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The SpotLight® interactive troubleshooting application captures field experience and guides maintenance technicians to quickly isolate performance issues, regardless of their location.

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ChronicX® helps maintenance supervisors recognize recurring defects quickly, allowing them to properly allocate their maintenance resources to the highest priority situations.

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Within Commercial Aviation, ATP Software Solutions can help reduce overall maintenance costs while improving fleet reliability. By reducing chronic defects and fixing issues properly the first time, airlines can greatly reduce costly delays at the gate while reducing the number of replacement parts used on repeat defects.

Further, ATP’s experienced aircraft maintenance technicians and customer success teams are always ready to help airlines with a seamless implementation, continuously optimize their software usage, and achieve key performance objectives.

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