We’re excited to update you on some good news for customers who own our service Continental Motors engines. In case you missed it, we recently announced a partnership with the manufacturer to bring you the industry’s most advanced technical publication solution. We are pleased to once again be integrating Continental Motors technical content into ATP’s single-source solution.

Continental Motors Application

In fact, we’ve already completed the integration of continental Motors libraries into the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application, so you can start your subscription at any time.

What Does Integrating Motors Libraries Mean For Maintenance Providers?

What this means is that maintenance provider who service Continental Motors products will be able to take advantage of all of ATP’s services and benefits — from boosting productivity to ensuring safety and compliance.

Specifically, the partnership means that maintenance providers can now streamline information management with the ATP Aviation Hub cloud application, ATP Maintenance Libraries, ATP Maintenance Tracking, and associated services. With the partnership, customers will no longer have to spend time consolidating, organizing and updating all of the relevant information that’s required to do their jobs. Instead, we’re doing the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you do best — working efficiently to ensure that aircraft are safe, airworthy and in compliance.

The bottom line is that this is good news for our customers: we’re offering a cost-effective single-source solution to help you do your job better, faster and more accurately than ever before.

How The Integration Will Effect Current Subscribers

Current subscribers of certain ATP libraries will automatically have access to Continental Motors content until the end of their current subscription cycle at no additional charge. For instance, if you’re already a subscriber of the Cessna 303 Crusader ATP Maintenance Library— you’ll automatically have access to the related continental publications.

Customers with libraries that include Continental publications already have access in the ATP Aviation Hub, simply log into your account to view the updates. If you have an airframe-only library, you can upgrade to a bundled maintenance Library to add the Continental Motors content related to that airframe.

Contact Us Today To Start Your Subscription

To purchase Continental Motors Technical Publications now, visit the ATP OnlineStore. As always, please feel free to contact ATP sales representative with any questions.

3 Ways you can get Continental Motors publication from ATP

  1. All Continental Motors Engines

    A single library that includes all publications for all Continental Motors engines available from ATP. (Diesel engines are not available at this time).

  2. Aircraft Maintenance Libraries

    Continental Motors publications are included in bundled maintenance Libraries for aircraft that use ContinentalMotors engines.

  3. Large Bundled Libraries

    These libraries encompass many aircraft manufacturers and models, which may include Continental Motors.

ATP Libraries That Include Continental Motors Publication

Item Code Description
B2V Piper PA-28 Support Library
B324 Piper Piston Twin Support Library
BVW2 Piper PA-46-310P, 350P, 46R-350T Maint.Library
BPP6 Piper Piston Single Support Library
B356 Cessna 335/340 Maintenance Library
B354 Cessna 303/336/337 Maintenance Library
BVW5 Piper PA-34 Seneca Maintenance Library
BJG Beech 33/35/36 Series Maintenance Library
B61A Cessna 421 Series Maintenance Library
B90A Cessna 401/402 Maintenance Library
BA2A Cessna 205/210 Maintenance Library
B355 Cessna 310/320 Airframe Library
BNP Socata Rallye Maintenance Library
BWSA Cessna 120-170 Maintenance Library
BJR Beech 55/56/58 Series Maintenance Library
BA6A Cessna 206/207 Maintenance Library (ATP)
BA8A Cessna 400 Piston Series Maintenance Library
BVJA Cessna 177-188 Maintenance Library (ATP)
BC2A Cessna 300 Twin Maintenance Library
BA4A Cessna 200 Series Maintenance Library
BVWA PA-28 Series Maintenance Library
B2W Piper Piston Singles Maintenance Library
BVWE Piper Piston Twin Maintenance Library
B71A Cessna Piston Twins Maintenance Library
BVUA ATP Cessna 100 Series Maintenance Library
B60A Cessna 100/200 Series Maintenance Library
B2NA Cessna 172 Maintenance Library (ATP)
B357 Cessna 404/411/414 Airframe Library
BKT Piston Fixed Wing Engine Library
BE4A Light Piston Maintenance Library
BKQ Piston Fixed Wing Aircraft (w/o Cessna)Library
BE1H Super Aircraft Library
BE3H Light Aircraft Library
BKRH Light Aircraft Library
BKSH Custom Aircraft Library
B380 Cirrus SR22 Maintenance Library
B378 Cirrus SR20 Maintenance Library
BJM3 Beech 58 Maintenance Library
BJJ Beech 33 Series Maintenance Library
BRGH Beech Single/Twin/Turboprop Series Maintenance Libraries
BJJ Beech 33 Series Maintenance Library
BJK Beech 35 Series Maintenance Library
BJL Beech Bonanza 36 Series Maintenance Libraries
BNW Socata TB20/21 Maintenance Library
BVWM Piper Complete Airframe Library
BVL Piper Airframe Support Library
B75H Cessna Propeller Library
B382 Cirrus Series Maintenance Library
BMR Mooney Series Maintenance Library

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