ATP was pleased to send a strong Business Development and Technical team to the 2018 S1000D User Forum and ILS Specification Day in New Orleans. Hosted by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), and supported by the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and the ATA e-Business Program (ATA), the event was held during National Aerospace Week in the US.

The program focused on the S Series standards, covering Integrated and Interoperable Lifecycle Specifications, which serve as the driving element for Product Support Innovation. The objective of the Forum was to bring real-world experiences together to leverage the benefits of truly intelligent content creation, management and delivery solutions.

Mark Langley

Mark Langley, Chief Technology Officer of ATP, delivered a presentation on methods for improving reuse, consistency and authoring speed of fault isolation manuals with the topic “S1000D Style Guides for Effective Content Reuse in Fault Isolation Manuals”. Mark related ATP’s experience in transforming S1000D data modules for several clients, and lessons learned for improving reuse through closely controlled authoring style guides. It also discussed the benefits of establishing a common, formal or ad hoc, semantic style guide for troubleshooting. The S1000D fault module specifications go well beyond the older ATA 2200 guidelines in providing a rich tagging model that encourages content reuse. However, ambiguity remains and can pose problems for guided diagnostic applications that draw upon content from multiple subsystem providers. The semantic style guide addresses these problems and greatly assists in reusing fault isolation content in novel ways.

Representatives from both Commercial and Defense Aerospace Industry came from around the globe to discuss the S1000D standards, their progressive development and real-world implementation, as well as their impact on the quality of the services that improve the performance of equipment in operation. Mark’s presentation was very well attended and received, and lead to an interesting Q & A period.

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