ATP used the platform provided by the conference to announce Custom Alerting, a new customer-driven innovation for the ChronicX® Solution that represents a breakthrough in performance relative to competitive alternatives. The ChronicX solution with Custom Alerts enables the automatic detection and management of chronic and critical defects with unprecedented accuracy, speed and control.

The ChronicX Solution is a mature application with a proven track record of transforming raw data into real-time actionable intelligence that drives key operating metrics. Taken together, ChronicX with Custom Alerts provides unique, powerful and efficient means for perpetually monitoring and managing recurring defects. Airlines and MROs deploying the ChronicX Solution with Custom Alerts are expected to dramatically minimize Aircraft on Ground (AOG) risk while boosting fleet health and equipment utilization.

The Conversation of Big Data and Its Challenges

In general, a key theme, through the different sessions of this year’s edition of MRO Americas, was how big data can help improve maintenance and airworthiness. Multiple discussions circled about big data and the need for standards. Another topic that drew interest was the relationship between Aircraft Health Monitoring and digital thread – the monitoring of a component from manufacturer to repair to end of life, and the data gained from it. From these conversations, it was evident, and interesting to note, that the elephant in the room was that big data is not being used to its full potential, that the technology to drive value from big data doesn’t yet meet expectations, and that the biggest challenge for the industry is to discern signal amongst the noise.

In today’s IoT world, we don’t have any difficulty finding patterns in data, the difficulty lies in determining if that pattern signals a failure or is simply noise. Companies require software solutions that help them avoid false positives and duplicate alarms because these trigger field service calls, which in turn increase overall costs. There is a need for solutions that can quickly reflect new and emerging failure modes and trends.

How ATP Can Help You Drive Value From Technical Data

ChronicX and SpotLight provide innovative diagnostics and reliability solutions, which are helping the industry drive value from big data by using logical reasoning and prior experience with the system and any similar alerts emulating how a human would recognize a valid alert and work through the problem by seeking additional information. This is important because working with customers the company has noticed that codes and machine intelligence are often treated as diagnostics, but they are just symptoms. Relatively few machine-generated error codes are unambiguous as to their cause. One needs to look for other things to support or refute the many possible causes for each symptom.

By using case-based reasoning, natural language processing and machine learning, ChronicX and SpotLight help accelerate and improve the accuracy of operations, service and support decisions which in turn increase revenue.

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