CaseBank Technologies Inc. revealed today that its SpotLight advanced diagnostic tool has been adopted by Lockheed Martin as the Anomaly and Failure Resolution System (AFRS) on the F-35 Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS).

The COTS SpotLight application, which is coupled to an F-35 aircraft and engine diagnostic database, has been designed, built and maintained by Lockheed Martin to provide off-board troubleshooting guidance for the F-35 maintainers. SpotLight augments the existing state-of-the-art diagnostics built into the F-35, to further ensure the exceptional availability of the fighter.

AFRS captures knowledge about aircraft maintenance and incorporates that field experience into future troubleshooting guidance. By sharing maintenance information across the entire F-35 fleet, all operators benefit and can learn from the practices of their counterparts across military services. AFRS also provides continuous detailed feedback to the aircraft designer about troubleshooting activities in the field for trend analysis and fleet support.

CaseBank’s SpotLight has been deployed for F-35 LRIP phases and is embedded in the Portable Maintenance Aid (PMA) standard infrastructure supporting squadron-level operations, world-wide.