onboarding. made easy.

From start to finish, we make the transition to Flightdocs easy for you and your team. Using a streamlined and structured process, we are able to enroll hundreds of aircraft every month from competitor platforms, in-house programs, spreadsheets and paper logbooks.

Our Enrollment Analysts handle the heavy lifting of the data migration, and aircraft go through a comprehensive QA process to ensure proper configuration and airworthiness. Once your aircraft and account is set up, our best-in-class support team will coordinate training and get you up and running in no time.

Simple Onboarding

The Chapter 4/5 Check

Flightdocs performs what it calls a full “4/5” check of each new customer’s aircraft maintenance program and data. This means that Flightdocs’ Enrollment team implements the recommended maintenance intervals from the manufacturer’s maintenance manual in each client’s aircraft profile. This process ensures only ‘good’ data is loaded to the Flightdocs system, thereby eliminating errors from previous providers, and assuring accurate maintenance tracking and compliance.

How It Works

better technology.
effortless onboarding.