Inefficiencies In Traditional Technical Publication Management

While similar to organizing books in a library, the work of digitizing, organizing and standardizing technical and regulatory publications for aircraft maintenance is much more complex. Information can be spread across different types of publications from different sources that use different naming conventions, different file types, and different ways of arranging publications. Additionally, some publications required for maintaining an aircraft may only be listed under a series or type of aircraft. An effective library management system accounts for all of these contingencies, and more, so that mechanics can be confident that their library search has produced all of the information required for a maintenance task.

For the past 45 years, ATP’s staff of library managers and technology developers have been continually refining the industry’s most advanced technology for managing libraries of technical publications, regulatory documents, and other important publications required for maintaining aircraft. The core of this advanced technology is called the Authority File Database (AFDB), and is an integral backend component that powers the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application.

How ATP Aviation Hub™ Can Overcome Inefficient Practices

As one of ATP’s many advanced library services, the AFDB is structured to organize, consolidate, and control various types of publications from various sources -across all aircraft series, makes and models – in a standardized, logical format. The ATP Aviation Hub cloud application can then query the AFDB to quickly locate the exact technical information required in a comprehensive manner from a single search. With aircraft maintenance companies coming under increasing pressure to speed up maintenance times and enhance safety, the AFDB is an advanced library service that reduces the time required to find technical documentation and fosters peace of mind that the required information has been located.

To illustrate, let’s say that a maintenance shop with a subscription to ATP’s Light Aircraft Maintenance Library is working on a Cessna 310L, a light, twin-engine aircraft. A single search in the ATP Aviation Hub for the Cessna 310L will produce all of the maintenance publications, service bulletins, type certificate, SAIB, maintenance alerts, and airworthiness directives that are relevant to repairing the 310L.  The AFDB is the library service in the background that organizes and pinpoints the exact documents, from any source, that pertain to the maintenance task for this 310L.

To make your job easier, ATP’s technology can handle massive amounts of information. Supporting technical and regulatory publications for over 6,000 aircraft models, our librarians and IAs are currently managing over 3.5 million pages of information with more than 3,500 pages of updated content each day.

ATP’s advanced library services, including the Authority File Database (AFDB), save you time and increase productivity by doing most of the library management work for you, and giving you quick and comprehensive results.

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