“While ChronicX certainly was a focus of the Conference, our primary goal was to support the airline industry and provide a platform where attendees could exchange information, learn from each other, gain experience and improve the industry as a whole,” said Raman Sharma, senior product manager – ATP. “So, the Conference is focused on building a community, not just around ChronicX, but also showing current and prospective clients how they can improve their abilities to manage recurring defects and improve reliability.”


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Through a series of panel presentations and open-forum discussions, attendees shared ideas on how to improve monitoring and management of recurring defects and maintenance issues. Many in attendance left with invaluable information, not just about the product, but also on how to improve their own operations, thanks to insights offered by some of the most experienced users of ChronicX.

With ChronicX we found that the tool has greatly improved our performance… decreasing the time of identifying those issues, and overall the knowledge that the tool brings us. It is a more powerful analytical tool than we’ve ever had before. It also creates awareness, a new capability to have our work notifications sent to us as they occur. Ultimately, it has really empowered our workforce, they have really taken ownership with this very reliable and efficient tool and it has improved our process on a daily basis.

-Karl Reis, director, maintenance operations control


 One of the biggest issues that brought us to use the ChronicX program was LOI’s and regulatory problems with the FAA, and when we started to use the product those were gone, the product fixed that for us… and we saw all the other advantages it offered. It found a tremendous amount more repetitive items than we knew even existed. We were able to fix these items at a quicker pace and they never escalated into major operational problems in the aircraft.
-Chip Cottom, operations manager, maintenance control center

One truly unique aspect of the Conference was that ChronicX users led several of the discussions through three highly informative panel discussions covering a variety of topics. There were:

– Day of Operations ChronicX Best Practices representatives from a mainline airline, along with cargo and regional airlines, discussed how they are getting the most out of ChronicX in maintenance control and in-line maintenance.

– Reliability and ChronicX Best Practices – Mainline and regional airlines discussed how they are maximizing the use of ChronicX in reliability and planning.

– Innovation in Airline Engineering – Mainline airlines discussed their broader innovation initiatives directly related to engineering.

“In a group like this you have users who are new, and some that are well along,” said Alan McLean, senior account executive for the ChronicX solution at ATP. “We had some people in the power user category who were able to show the others how to use the ChronicX solution to do something very unique and productive. So, the key outcome from the Conference is that we had users leading users, helping each other, and sharing information and best practices, which promote safety and benefits the industry at large.”

About ATP’s ChronicX Soution

For more than eight years, the ChronicX® solution has been helping airlines and MROs improve aircraft fleet health by providing an innovative approach for detecting and managing recurring defects. ChronicX helps maintenance professionals identify, consolidate and rank recurring chronic defects, and potential chronic issues, regardless of ATA coding. It also helps airlines maintain high safety and quality standards through the detailed evaluation of defect histories and by identifying all valid repeats, at both the tail number and fleet-level.

By helping airlines significantly reduce the time required to identify a chronic defect, ChronicX also helps minimize equipment downtime and saves cost. In fact, surveys of ChronicX users have found that maintenance departments consistently report 50-80 percent time reductions on the daily task of sorting recurring maintenance issues.

About the Author: ATP

ATP is the leading provider of maintenance tracking, flight operations, inventory management, repetitive defect analysis, and troubleshooting software. The company’s applications help reduce operating costs, improve aircraft reliability, and supports technical knowledge sharing and collaboration within the business aviation, military/defense, commercial aviation, and OEM industries.

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