When exploring information on the Internet, how often do we discover something important that we neglect to note, and later wish we had? Whether looking for barbeque tips or repairing a vintage car, there is always the risk of getting distracted, and that obscure, but invaluable information, or maintenance tip, is promptly forgotten.

Understanding Successful Data Management Through Internet Browsers

This is why all internet browsers incorporate the history and bookmarking element. The history feature works in the background to build a record of internet sites visited, while bookmarking provides a tool for a quick, easy return to those sites at any time, without having to begin the research process from square one.

With more aircraft documentation and data available electronically, history, bookmarking and notes in technical publications are as beneficial to the A&P mechanic as they are to anyone browsing the Internet. For this reason, ATP has incorporated these features into the ATP Aviation Hub™Online Service.

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Benefits of ATP Aviation Hub™  Online Service

Review Aircraft Maintenance History With Ease

As an example, a mechanic, searching an electronic manual to repair a flight control surface actuator on a Learjet 60, might see a service bulletin related to that task; but after reading the SB, he closes out the document to go onto other tasks. Later, if the mechanic wants to access the service bulletin again, he simply clicks on the history button in the ATP Aviation Hub, which will call up a list of recently viewed documents.

Bookmark Relevant Maintenance Information

A history, while valuable, still involves searching through a list of previously viewed information. The bookmarking tool in the ATP Aviation Hub, called theLogIT™ tool, brings the selected page to the forefront, to be called up with a click of the mouse. It also enables the user to create special folders to log documents by category or topic. For example, a mechanic may create and name aLogIT folder specific to the Piper Cherokee’s fuel selector, in which he can store, for later reference, all logged pages pertaining to that component for that airplane.

Increased Efficiency By Creating Folders

At the same time, a LogIT folder can be created that would incorporate any selected technical documents relative to a specific task, by adding links to those documents. Using the Piper Cherokee example, let’s say that the mechanic finds that he is constantly looking up OEM service bulletins pertaining to certain life-limited parts on that airframe produced within a specific production block, designated by serial numbers. To save time, a folder can be created called “Piper Cherokee Life Limits” and links to all related service bulletins and manuals can be stored within that folder.

Streamline Maintenance Data Collection With Collaboration

In order to further improve collaboration on maintenance tasks, LogIT folders and links can be shared with other mechanics or viewed by anyone within your organization. The Director of Maintenance can likewise create a logIT folder containing links to all of the documentation for a specific job or task that could then be viewed by mechanics.

After a mechanic has completed a task, he may realize that he has gained some knowledge or information pertaining to the technical documentation that should be noted for the same task going forward. To do that, he uses the Notes function in the ATP Aviation Hub. Long a feature of most word processing applications, the Notes features is an electronic method of making annotations in the margins of a document. The note, which can be in the form of text, or even a hyperlink to another document such as the illustrated parts catalog, can then be accessed by the mechanic, and even shared with other mechanics throughout the company. This makes the notes feature a valuable collaboration tool in maintenance operations.

Designed as collaboration tools in the ATP Aviation Hub online service, History, Notes and LogIT are available across the enterprise as planning and repair solutions that help make users more productive and time efficient.

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