An aircraft is a complicated piece of machinery, composed of a large number of parts and components supplied by numerous manufacturers. We’re talking everything from engines and propellers to starters, oil filters, landing gear and much more. This can present major challenges for maintenance professionals who have to keep track of all this equipment and components, related AD’s, service bulletins and maintenance manuals.

“Because of the extensive number of components from a large number of manufacturers it can be difficult pulling together all of the technical data,” said ATP’s Bob Jones, product manager for ATP and managing editor of the AskBob™ AMT Community. “That’s why ATP has developed Aircraft Centric Search™. It’s an amazing tool that allows you to go on to the ATP Aviation Hub™ application and build a complete aircraft profile identified by the aircraft registration number, or tail number.”

Navigating Aircraft Centric Search™ To Manage Data Effectively

To get started, users build a detailed list of the equipment for the “as-maintained” configuration of the aircraft. This creates a profile that is specific to the aircraft.

“Once you have set up this information in the system, the ATP Aviation Hub can use it to do a comprehensive research for you,” said Jones. “Instead of having to look up propellers, engines or other components as individual actions, Aircraft Centric Search pulls all of that information together into a single screen. Without it, you’re going to be researching all of this one component at a time.”

Users simply go to My Library on the ATP Aviation Hub and ask it to provide all the data for the aircraft’s tail number.

“The system will look at your aircraft profile, identify the components and equipment and research and return all of the publications for the entire aircraft, as well as AD’s, service bulletins and manuals,” said Jones. “That could be 40-50 manuals, but they’re all concise on one list.”

You can also perform advanced searches for specific keywords across all publications for all the components in your profile.

The amount of information you receive using Aircraft Centric Search is tied to the ATP Libraries you subscribe to. So, the more complete the equipment list, the better.

It’s a great productivity tool, especially since that same profile can be used elsewhere in the ATP’s system. For example, ATP’s handy Compliance Tracking Tool can also be tied to the exact same profile to track compliance for the AD’s and service bulletins for the entire aircraft.

It’s just one more way ATP helps maintenance professionals simplify technical data access across an immense list of sources.

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