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Common Challenges With Mining Valuable Operational Information

As more and more emphasis in the industry is being placed on the impact of chronic aircraft defects, one of this year’s keynote speeches stood out. In his keynote speech, Karl Ries, Senior Manager for Tech Support Desk Maintenance Operations Control for American Airlines, outlined their solution for mining valuable operational information from Maintenance Reports (MAREPs) and Pilot Reports (PIREPS) to quickly identify and correct repetitive issues.

The American Airlines keynote presentationRies explained that the multiple legacy tools they were using from multiple mergers weren’t enough to solve the problem. The prolonged workload provided the potential for missed alerts and inaccurate results. The workflow prevented an efficient process for management and oversight“Even for basic reports, if I were to ask what our heavy hitters are, what are our planes of interest this morning,” explains Ries, “it was labour intensive to get that from the two legacy systems.”

They needed to find a solution to manage recurring defects more efficiently and accurately. In the search, they reached out to their One World partners to find out how they manage repetitive defects, how they do data mining regarding pilot and maintenance reports, the best answer was the ChronicX® recurring defect management solution.

The Solution To Obtain Accurate Information Quickly

Once the airline started their trial with ATP’s ChronicX solution on their wide-body fleets in their MOC technical support test group, it was clear that ChronicX was the right solution. The results from the trial revealed hidden repetitive issues, a decrease in time identifying repeat defects, powerful analytical features for keyword searches, and the new capability to have alert notifications for specific events and customized reporting.

20180313_085920-336512-edited“It is very customizable to the way you want to do the work, [ChronicX] meets your workflow needs and does not impose any preconceived notion on how you should manage your data,” Ries shares, “ we call this our one stop shopping — one area, one platform to be able to identify, manage and validate the corrective actions we were seeing on some repeat issues.“

Karl Ries, has held various positions within the Line Maintenance, Reliability, and Maintenance Operations Control departments. In his current role within Maintenance Operations Control, Ries is responsible for a team that provides oversight and management for on-wing health monitoring tools and repetitive/ chronic discrepancy control.

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