ATP, attended the Pilatus annual Support Team Summit, STS’17, and gave a briefing to the Pilatus PC-6, PC-12 and PC-24 sales and support communities. The Conference, held at a hotel near the Pilatus USA headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, was attended by over 110 service center representatives, aircraft sales organizations, and Pilatus support from Stans, Switzerland.


Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. is the world’s leader in the development, manufacture and servicing of single-engine turboprops, and is the only Swiss company that develops, produces and sells aircraft to customers worldwide. Pilatus’ newest aircraft is the PC-24, a first-class product in the jet category, and the world’s first business jet that can be operated from short unprepared runways. Most of the production of the new PC-24 aircraft, will be sold to U.S. owner/operators, and will be supported out of the Colorado facility.

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Selects SpotLight® Solution

ATP’s briefing was well received by an audience that was very excited about our SpotLight® solution – which is an extension of the clean sheet design approach and support concept of the new PC-24 aircraft –  and how it will help Pilatus achieve their objective of providing an interactive and paperless tool to support the aircraft and its maintenance personnel, world-wide.


The Benefits Of ATP’s SpotLight® Solution

The SpotLight® interactive troubleshooting solution enables maintenance technicians to access a complete diagnostic database that combines Pilatus factory guidance, service experience and other relevant information, allowing them to quickly identify and repair equipment problems. By combining error codes from onboard systems with engineering troubleshooting guidance and real-world field experience, SpotLight enables both new and experienced service technicians to more effectively diagnose and repair the aircraft, thereby dramatically reducing AOG conditions.

Pilatus engineering and reliability teams will also benefit from the SpotLight technology by gathering detailed failure information, service history and technician feedback from the field. This data can help improve product design, maintainability of the aircraft as well as enhancing reliability reporting.

How Spotlight Will Work In Conjunction With Pilatus

The SpotLight solution is the sole integrated guided diagnostic approach for the PC- 24, and is in place of all conventional fault trees, troubleshooting guides, and fault isolation manuals, in keeping with Pilatus’ “clean sheet” approach for the new twin-jet. SpotLight will be the primary fault resolution approach for the PC-24, constantly updated with new information from the field, and a permanent vault for technician’s knowledge and experience.

From the outset of the program, and for the duration of this 3-year project, ATP, has been working in conjunction with Pilatus. Concurrent with aircraft roll-out and testing, the SpotLight troubleshooting solution will be gathering field experience from the PC-24 to make this knowledge available to every technician, thereby rapidly maturing the support of the PC-24 worldwide, and reducing warranty costs.

Ultimately, the SpotLight troubleshooting solution will be integrated with other PC-24 systems, including training, warranty, and customer resource management, delivering extensive task support.

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