ATP’s exhibit space drew interest from heavy equipment, high-tech and medical manufacturers, life sciences and industrial equipment. It was both fun and exciting to have the same companies return to our booth two or three times, each time bringing more people from their company. Over the last several years it is clear that guided diagnostics is no-longer the “new guy” at this event, with one company telling me they’d been evaluating ATP’s approach for two years before finally asking for a meeting.

A Common Maintenance Challenge Unravelled At Field Service USA

round table at Field Service USA 2016All the attendees we met expressed a common need to reduce cost, reduce downtime and improve quality of service on their equipment—as measured by no-fault-found (NFF) parts replacements, mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), and first-time-fix (FTF) metrics. The companies we talked to realized that the ability to balance and optimize these measures of success is directly related to the variability in service execution, which is tied to service experience, which is tied to fast, accurate diagnosis and troubleshooting. (In other words, when comparing rookies to experts there is little variability in the time required to replace a part however, the time required to figure out which part needs to be replaced has significant variability). This makes perfect sense when you realize that for complex equipment, diagnosis and troubleshooting occupies 40-50% of support time (not including travel).

Highlighting Diagnosis As A Solution With ATP’s Keynote Presentation

male keynote speaker at Field Service USA 2016My keynote presentation titled “Kids Today: Help Every Service Rep Act Like An Expert” was well-received because it included real-world numbers and analysis from a variety of industries. Most manufacturers we met admitted their call centers, tech pubs and training departments are overwhelmed by requests for help from customers and field technicians trying to diagnose problems with performance and downtime and to identify the proper service and repair procedures. These companies have realized that improving diagnosis (both speed and accuracy) is the key to making real improvements in customer satisfaction, as measured by cost, time and quality.

Field Service USA 2016 was a success because WBR continues to bring together a wide range of customers and vendors to discuss real-world challenges and solutions for running an efficient service and support operation. These are exactly the companies that understand ATP’s value.

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