ATP, attended the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit, sponsored by the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA or “Quad-A”) that was held in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this month. 2017 is a key anniversary for the U.S. Army, marking 75 years of Army Aviation, and the Quad-A summit theme echoed the anniversary, as well as the Army Aviation Hall of Fame inductions for 2017, that also took place during the Summit.

The two-and-a-half-day Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit is the only time of the year when the entire Army Aviation community gathers together. Over 250 Army and Industry exhibitors and over 9,000 attendees participated in the event this year.

OEMs Discuss Challenges in Helicopter Engine Complexity

Almost all the OEMs present at the Summit provide equipment and services for rotary-wing applications. Helicopters present unique challenges for product support, in that helicopters while incorporating the same level of avionic and engine complexity are inherently more mechanically complex devices than fixed-wing aircraft. In addition, helicopters, by their very nature, can and do fail in very remote and inaccessible locations where guided diagnostic support, such as provided by SpotLight, becomes an essential tool for ensuring equipment availability.


SpotLight® Provides Real-World Technical Solution

We found considerable OEM interest in our SpotLight® interactive troubleshooting solution at Quad-A, for not only providing a remote troubleshooting capability across multiple subsystems onboard helicopters but also a timely solution for combating another problem that is plaguing the U.S. Army: grey out. By capturing real-world field experience, SpotLight enables new and experienced service technicians alike to diagnose and repair aircraft effectively, preserving valuable “tribal knowledge” and real-world technical solutions not envisaged by the OEM.

The SpotLight solution combines field experience with engineering fault-isolation in a diagnostic database, and guides support personnel through the service process, from problem diagnosis through repair and warranty claims, accelerating repair time, increasing equipment uptime and improving customer support and reliability.

While networking at the Summit, we were excited to also identify a potential application for our ChronicX® recurring defects management solution, namely the analysis of the large U.S. Army Ft. Rucker mixed fleet, comprising well over 500 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The ChronicX application uncovers hidden trends such as recurring problems, previously undetected, at both the tail number and fleet-level and emerging failure modes that have not yet reached critical status. Additionally, it features Custom Alerts that enable maintenance specialists and reliability engineers to respond to alerts with greater speed and accuracy.

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