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ADs Included With ATP® Maintenance Libraries

All ATP® Maintenance Libraries include FAA Airworthiness Directives associated with the library. For example, if you subscribe to a Piper Meridian Airframe maintenance library, all FAA ADs associated with the Piper Meridian airframe are included with your maintenance library subscription. No need to purchase additional FAA AD libraries. All ATP Maintenance Libraries also include ATP's industry leading ATP Profile for quick and easy compliance tracking.

For aviation operations or personnel requiring stand-alone AD libraries, or more detailed regulatory information, ATP® Regulatory Libraries are the industry standard for FAA Airworthiness Directives and aviation regulatory research.

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Research Has Never Been So Easy

Researching FAA ADs has never been easier with the help of ATP Regulatory Libraries, the industry standard for AD and airworthiness research including powerful search and compliance features designed to save you time and increase productivity. ATP's PowerTrak™ indexing system provides extensive make and model indexing for cross referencing series, alternate model names, and prior manufacturer names to ensure that you quickly find the airworthiness directives you need.

The Information You Need for Airworthiness

ATP regulatory libraries contain all the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and airworthiness information required for Inspection Authorization (IA), maintenance and repair operations (MRO), Fixed Base Operators (FBO) and anyone required to maintain compliance with Federal Airworthiness Regulations. ATP regulatory libraries are not only federally recognized, but are also used by many FAA inspectors and Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) for regulatory research.

Accessing Information

Use the ATP Aviation Hub Cloud Application to access your subscriptions from any computer with an Internet connection. Additionally, you can install the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile Application for any time, anywhere access, both online and offline, on any Windows, iOS or Android device.

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