ATP® Profile & Compliance

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The Profile & Compliance tool in the ATP Aviation Hub™ Application allows you to create a profile of the components on your aircraft and then track compliance with Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Service Bulletins (SBs) for each component.

Create a Profile

Creating an aircraft profile in the ATP Aviation Hub application is a simple step that enables other valuable features. When creating a profile, you enter some basic details for the airframe, engine(s), propeller(s) and appliances on your aircraft. You can add any component you want to track using simple drop-down menus to quickly select the manufacturer, model, and other necessary information. You can also add custom components to match the "as-maintained" configuration of the aircraft.

Profile Search

After a profile has been created, you can enter the name you assigned to the profile into the search box in the My Library Tab to quickly find all content in your ATP Library subscription that is related to your aircraft.

Compliance Tracking

The ATP Aviation Hub application automatically coordinates with your ATP Library subscriptions to build a list of ADs and SBs related to the components in the aircraft profile. Maintenance professionals enter the compliance information for each AD and SB. With the click of a button, the ATP Aviation Hub automatically adds newly released ADs and SBs to your compliance tracking report.

Compliance Reports

Compliance reports are stored in the cloud and can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet.

  • Compliance reports can be updated and printed or delivered electronically
  • Print your compliance record for insertion into your logbook, or send a report to the aircraft owner/operator
  • Export compliance reports in PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel formats