The Ministry of International Trade, in partnership with the Provincial Aerospace Councils from Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, put on an impressive show. ATP, exhibited at The Ontario Pavilion alongside fourteen other vendors. Together, the group made an important impact, and the Ontario Pavilion was recognized as the “go-to jurisdiction” to drive innovation and growth in the aerospace sector.

Exhibitors at the Paris Air Show 2017

ATP’s SpotLight® Gains Traction At Paris Air Show Exhibitor

ATP attracted much attention, and presentations were attended by major OEMs like Airbus, for the Canadian FWSAR (Fixed Wing Search and Rescue) program. After well over a decade of assessing options and proposals, the Canadian Federal Government selected the Airbus C295W as the Air Force’s next dedicated FWSAR aircraft. This 4.7 billion agreement with Airbus Defence and Space provides an offset obligation of 1.9 billion to provide maintenance and support services for 15 years. This is exciting news for ATP because the C295W features two PW127G turboprop engines, already covered by ATP’s SpotLight® interactive troubleshooting solution for Pratt and Whitney Canada.

The SpotLight solution guides service technicians and call center personnel to quickly isolate the root cause of defects and performance issues and can provide remote troubleshooting capability across multiple subsystems having an important impact on maintenance speed, quality and cost.

As a long-term Lockheed-Martin supplier, ATP proudly witnessed the first international airshow debut of the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) at PAS, where the F-35 proved its superiority over all other fighter jets on the show with daily performance. ATP provides the off-board diagnostic system for all F-35 models, and has been associated with the program since inception. Including exports, Lockheed-Martin is projecting the build of nearly 4,000 F-35 models over the next 35-40 years of production. The SpotLight solution from ATP has already proven its worth during initial flight test and IOC phases of the program and will accompany every F-35 sold by Lockheed-Martin, as standard diagnostic equipment.

Paris Air Show Casebank exhibit

ATP is also enthusiastically supporting the Federal Aerospace Supercluster initiative, which was announced at the show. Trade and Industry Minister Brad Duguid, after an in-depth demo of our SpotLight technology tweeted “Blown away by CaseBank AI software #PAS 17”. He was impressed by the SpotLight hybrid reasoning technology that consists of a diagnostic database that contains symptoms, causes and solutions for equipment defects, and a diagnostic reasoning engine that uses this database to optimize the troubleshooting process. SpotLight captures field experience and gathers information from multiple sources to reflect new and emerging failure modes and trends.

Bombardier Announces Orders and Commitments

Our customer, Bombardier, did well at PAS, and announced orders and commitments for over 60 Q400 aircraft, and displayed the latest CS300 aircraft alongside launch operator air Baltic. Senior Bombardier VP Colin Bole was reported saying: “the buzz is getting around” about how well the C Series is performing in service for Swiss and AirBaltic—which he said has operated a CS300 for as much as 17 flight hours in a single day. The SpotLight troubleshooting system is being deployed for the all-new C Series aircraft as integrated in Bombardier’s electronic fault isolation manual (eFIM) system.

ATP left its mark and was recognized as having one of the most advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting technology in the aviation industry. The Paris Air Show was a successful event for ATP and the aviation industry at large.

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