less time finding.
more time fixing.

SpotLight is a secure cloud-based interactive solution combining troubleshooting guidance with curated and validated field experience.  It consists of two components, databases that contain symptoms, causes, and solutions of equipment defects, as well as a diagnostic reasoning engine that uses this database to continually optimize the aviation troubleshooting process.

Faster Aviation Troubleshooting

Helps maintenance organizations continuously find the most reliable and effective fix to a technical issue, in the fastest amount of time. In maintenance, time is money. With SpotLight, you are continuously optimizing your overall time to repair.

Reduced Costs

SpotLight accelerates mean-time to repair, reduces no-fault-found parts, and increases equipment availability. With a more reliable fleet and fewer wasted parts, customers can realize immediate cost savings on maintenance costs alone.

Higher Quality & Accuracy

The solution is designed to deliver more consistent troubleshooting performance and improve diagnostic accuracy. As a result, SpotLight delivers an overall higher degree of quality and accuracy in maintenance activities, each and every time.

Better Team Collaboration

SpotLight improves collaboration across an entire team of maintenance technicians, allowing them to communicate and resolve technical issues in real-time.

Captures Tribal Knowledge

Effectively captures real-time field experience from your entire team, ensuring the best fix to a maintenance issue is shared globally to always deliver the fastest and most cost-effective resolution.

Customer Testimonials

Key Features

SpotLight allows maintenance teams to monitor, maintain, and collaborate on equipment reliability and performance issues.  It allows technicians to significantly improve “first-time-fix” rates, considerably reducing equipment down-time and repair costs.  It is a secure cloud-based solution trusted by the world’s leading manufacturers, airlines, and militaries.

less time finding.
more time fixing.