Maintenance training has traditionally focused on how systems work, what the product designers predict will fail, and how to correct the failure. Although maintenance training curricula are extensive, often equipment problems arise that were not adequately covered.

How To Harness Field Experience To Improve Maintenance Training

ATP solutions complement traditional maintenance training by focusing on learning how systems fail in the real-world. By harnessing field experience in the guided diagnostic process, manufacturers and equipment operators can see what is actually happening out in the field and train technicians accordingly. Capturing real-world experience enables operators to identify potential gaps in training.

Potential training gaps can be identified using existing maintenance records. Such gaps are often revealed through a series of recurring PIREPs and MAREPs where a contributing factor may be the extent of the current system knowledge or troubleshooting skill level of technicians. Once identified, training materials can be updated for these issues to update the classroom material.

But not all technicians are “in training,” so the ability to deliver relevant on-the-job training is important. In those cases, a troubleshooting tool can present an opportunity. By delivering an instantly available refresher on the training material related the problem at hand, technicians literally receive training on-the-job during troubleshooting.

In Summary

Potential training gaps can be identified by studying the maintenance records. The resulting updates to training can augment the existing classroom curriculum. Furthermore, browser-friendly training materials can be delivered on-the-job through a troubleshooting guidance tool as just-in-time training refreshers when the relevant issues appear. Read more on this topic in the Journal For Civil Aviation Training.

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